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Caring Company

For more than 10 years since 2009, we have been awarded the Caring Company Award under the Caring Company Scheme organised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for our social responsibility and contribution to building an inclusive society. Our contributions include encouraging volunteering, donating to the community, imparting knowledge and skills, supporting the underprivileged in employment, caring for our staff and caring for the environment for the benefit of different groups. 

Hong Kong Awards for Industries: 
Smart Productivity 

Since its inception, we have worked tirelessly to innovate and upgrade our technology with the aim of providing the most effective custom made orthotic services to patients and enhancing their quality of life. Over the past two decades, our efforts have been recognised by the industry, and we have been awarded the Hong Kong Productivity Council's Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Smart Productivity 2018, recognising the results of our efforts.

HKIM Brand with a Conscience Award
With the achievements in sincerity and demonstration in corporate social responsibility, we were awarded Brand-with-a-Conscience Award by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) in 2008. It encouraged us to develop brands with conscience, quality, standards and services which contribute towards the betterment of humanity and ethics.

Best SME Award and Special Award
Throughout the past decade, we have sustained through the ups and downs of the business environment, pioneered technology development in the field of foot orthoses and achieved remarkable results, demonstrating our ability to persevere and overcome adversity. As a result, we were awarded the Best SME Award by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business in 2008 and received the highest honour of the Special Award.

SME Research Fund
After a rigorous selection and approval process, the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission awarded the SME Research Fund to our company for further research and development projects.

Hong Kong Start-up SME Silver Award
We were recognised by the organisers, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, for our dedication, professionalism and creativity, and were awarded the Hong Kong New SME Silver Award 2000.