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Brand Story

Pedorthic Technology Limited 

Established in 1997, our company was the pioneer in introducing foot orthoses services to Hong Kong. It has always committed to serving the public by providing effective and comprehensive solutions at affordable prices to various foot problems, including the most common symptoms such as heel pain, bunions and knee pain. Our company had reached an important milestone in 2001 when it was accredited by the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association of America (PFOLA) and became the first PFOLA accredited Pedortic Centre in Asia, and was also accredited as the first Footwear Technologist by the SATRA Technology Centre of UK, confirming its internationally recognised professional status. Today, our company maintains its own orthotic insole manufacturing facility in Hong Kong, where it strictly controls the quality of its orthotic insoles for hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong. In addition, we have six orthotic centres located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to provide professional foot assessment, gait analysis, laser foot moulding, orthotic insole treatment, professional fitting of insoles, medical shoes and other foot and knee care devices, as well as shoe modification services. In 2010, our company completed a joint research project with the Chinese University of Hong Kong on fall prevention footwear, which has been introduced as one of the company's medical footwear. Our company has put strenuous effort in research and development. We have developed a foot examination system, a laser foot scanner and a computer-aided design and manufacturing system. We are constantly striving to enhance the accuracy of our examinations for achieving the best corrective effects.

In future, our company will continue to provide the most comprehensive treatment solutions to solve patients' foot problems.

Happy Walking 

Happy Walking shop was established in 2013 as Hong Kong's first health care shop specialising in foot health. Our foot care team has been trained over the years to help the public understand the need for foot care and to choose from a full range of care options in shop. Our shop offers a comprehensive range of foot care products, including functional health care footwear, professional custom made foot orthoses and accessories, lower limb support, foot care products, pain relief equipment and nutritional supplements. We provide a total solution to your foot health need. Irrespective of any age group, people with diabetics and arthritis, people with sports injuries, people who need to stand or walk on long hours, and children with growing feet, can seek our advice on any lower limb problems and get the best comprehensive foot health solutions from our experts.

Spine Technology Centre 

Our Spine Technology Centre specialises in the treatment of scoliosis and other spinal problems, introducing European conservative treatment protocols, high-end and effective orthopaedic techniques, custom-made orthopaedic Cheneau and ART braces, and targeted three-dimensional orthopaedic exercises, including the Schroth Scoliosis Exercise Therapy, to improve the curvature and strengthen the balance of the spine, helping patients to control the continuous deterioration of the spine, reduce and prevent complications. It helps to manage the deterioration of the spine, reduce and prevent complications and the chance of future surgery, and provides a long-term solution for spinal patients. 


SIMA Footbed, which means a comfortable mattress for the feet, helps the users to balance the pressure on the lower limbs. The footbed is designed to fit the arch of the foot, distribute pressure and prevent foot problems. At an affordable price, they offer the best protection for everyone's feet, enabling them to live a healthy life and walk freely.