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FAQ - Prescription Custom Foot Orthoses

1. What is the difference between prefabricated insoles and prescription custom foot orthoses?

Prefabricated insoles are ready-made in mass production. Customers buy the insoles according to their foot sizes only. Therefore, prefabricated insoles do not fit all foot shapes. However, prescription custom foot orthoses are fabricated after foot assessment and scanning, and this is more effective to improve abnormal foot biomechanics, and handle foot problems.


2. Do we need to buy larger shoes for accommodating prescription custom foot orthoses?

No. if the original insoles of most leather shoes and sport shoes can be removed and replaced by prescription custom foot orthoses . If the original insoles are too thin or well stuck, prescription custom foot orthoses can be adjusted according to the condition. It is better to bring along with the prescription custom foot orthoses for buying new shoes.


3. Do prescription custom foot orthoses fit for one pair of shoes only?

No. The prescription custom foot orthoses can be freely taken out and put into shoes which have similar heel height and shape.


4. How much is a pair of prescription custom foot orthoses?

The price of the first pair of prescription custom foot orthoses is $2500, which includes pedorthic consultation, scanning, fabrication, fitting and also half-year warranty (for children is 16 or below, warranty would be extended to one year). Warranty service includes all check ups within the warranty period, but all the natural and artificial damages are excluded.


5. Are there any extra charges for choosing different materials and styles of prescription custom foot orthoses?

Most prescription custom foot orthoses are similar in price while there is an additional charge of $200 for those made of carbon fibre


6. Do prescription custom foot orthoses include custom-made shoes?

Custom-made shoes are not included. Customers can bring along with their own shoes for fitting of foot orthoses, or buy our Ezped Medishoes.


7. Can prescription custom foot orthoses be put in high heel shoes?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Thin foot orthoses can be prescribed for dress shoes with 1.5 inch heel height for some ladies at work. Please note that thin orthoses cannot provide 100% function, but can be put in more different trendy shoes. Clients need to consider the pros and cons.


8. What services are included in assessment and how long does it take?

It takes around 15 to 30 minutes. Please click here for more details about the pedorthic assessment.


9. Can the prescription custom foot orthoses change the abnormal foot structure so that there’s no need to use after using for a certain period of time?

No. The abnormal foot structure can only be improved while wearing foot orthoses. The improved foot structure will gradually return its status without the foot orthoses.


10. Will the pain be relieved immediately after using the prescription custom foot orthoses?

The pain will not be relieved immediately after using the foot orthoses. The inflammation takes time (around 6-8 weeks) to recover even though the cause has been handled. The recovery period varies according to degree of foot problems.


11. How long does the fabrication of prescription custom foot orthoses take?

It takes around 4 working days starting from the day of assessment and laser foot scanning.


12. Where are the prescription custom foot orthoses made?

All the prescription custom foot orthoses are made in our Hong Kong foot orthotic lab accredited by The PFOLA in USA.


13. How to capture the foot shape?

The selection of capturing methods is made according to customers’ foot problems. If accommodation is required, foam box or semi-weight bearing scan (while sitting) is appropriate. For any correction to the foot is required, non-weight bearing scan or plaster casting (while lying down) when it is held at its ideal position is essential.


14. Will it cause discomfort due to the rigid shell of prescription custom foot orthoses?

No. The foot orthoses may be rigid or semi-rigid. They are custom made according to individual needs, and therefore should be comfortable. One to two weeks are however needed to get used of the foot orthoses. If you still feel uncomfortable after this period, you should come back for checking as soon as possible.


15. Can we use prescription custom foot orthoses during exercise?

It is not recommended to use for vigorous exercises within the first two weeks of wearing the foot orthoses. After the break-in period, they can be worn for doing exercises and playing sports if they are designed for such purposes.


16. How long do the prescription custom foot orthoses last?

It depends on your body weight and activity level. The foot orthoses can normally last for two to three years. The original shape of the foot orthoses may be deformed under continuous compression forces after a few years depending on types of shell materials. The top materials can be replaced if they are worn out.


17. How do I know whether my prescription custom foot orthoses should be renewed?

Customers are encouraged to have follow-ups every year. Pedorthists will assess and decide whether the foot orthoses should be renewed or repaired.


18. How do I know whether the prescription custom foot orthoses of my child should be renewed as my child grows fast?

The foot orthoses should be renewed once the feet grow for about 1 to 2 shoe sizes and it usually takes about 1 year for this process. However, the growing speed is different with different growth pattern. Our offer for free follow-up service is therefore extended to 12 months for children aged 16 or below.


19. When should I come back to have follow-up check after using the prescription custom foot orthoses?

If the foot orthoses fit well, we suggest having follow-up assessment half a year for children and once a year for adults.


20. Can I clean my prescription custom foot orthoses?

Yes, you can clean the foot orthoses with moist cloth and then put it in a well-ventilated area until there are dry.


21. Why are the prescription custom foot orthoses more expensive than the insoles sold over the counter at shops?

Prescription custom foot orthoses are fabricated from a customer's own corrected foot mould, and custom-made for his or her foot problems. On the other hand, thousands of over-the-counter insoles are made from the same general foot mould without specific prescriptions, and have much lower cost in manufacturing.


22. Why do I need prescription custom sandals?

Some people suffer from foot related pain while not wearing their prescription foot orthoses. Yet they cannot wear shoes all day long. In order for our customers to extend the foot orthotic experience at home or in the working area that shoes are not allowed, our company has invented making custom sandals with our own CAD/CAM system since 2005.


23. Can I wear the prescription custom sandals outdoor?

The prescription custom sandals are developed for home or indoor use. For outdoor use, we can replace the bottom with a more durable material for your sandals. However, we usually recommend customers wearing shoes with their foot orthoses for outdoor activities.


24. Can you provide the raise sole service if I bring along with my own shoes?

Yes, but it depends on which materials of the sole is. We suggest you to bring the shoe to our centre for checking first. The charges of the raise sole service depends on the thickness of elevation. Please call us if you have any enquires.